How do I get started using Victory Silks & Interiors for my decorating needs?

The first thing I will do is determine if you need a consultation or an actual decorating/room make-over. As this is determined, I will book the appointment and begin the process of turning your house into a home or office into a professional showplace.

What is the difference between a consult and a decorating job?

A consult is when our client needs custom window treatments, new furniture selections, interior or exterior paint selections, new construction product and finishes selections, or re-model ideas. Victory Silks & Interiors promises you will be delighted with our creative ideas and solutions on our very first visit. A decorating job is when we actually send our client away for the day and come into the home or office and totally transform a room at a time. We bring in new décor items and incorporate them with the existing décor to create a stunning and finished look. Whether you are decorating a new home or just re-decorating a home or office, isn’t it nice to know you can have a decorator that not only gives you the look you want, but actually does the work also. From dream to completion we can provide and install everything beautiful your home requires.

How do you know what to bring to my home for a decorating job?

I will book a consultation first, and meet with you on-site to discuss your needs & take pictures of each room I will be decorating. Before I pull the first accent piece for any job, I take time to pray that I would not cause my clients to stumble financially and that I would make their home or office one that is everything they ever dreamed it would be. I believe in doing my job heartily as for the Lord! After all, He is the one who has given me these wonderful talents and such a wonderful way to make a living. I feel very blessed each time someone invites me into their home, as this is a very personal thing, and I do not take it lightly.

Do I have to keep everything you bring?

The answer is no, however, I take a great deal of time in studying your photos and pulling just the right merchandise needed to give each room a completed look. Time is money for you and me your decorator so I ask that you budget yourself to let me do what you have hired me to do for you, because when I place it in the space, you will not want to send it back. Each item I pull goes with the next item I pull to give you a completed and flowing look. This is why so many of my clients have $2,000 dollar closets, because they go shopping and see one item they like and get it home, only to find there is no place it really fits in. Then the closet gets decorated with all things wonderful that don’t flow together.

When does your decorating time start?

Me and my design assitant do not start our time until we arrive at your home or office, so you are actually getting 3 to 4 hours of personal decor shopping for free!! Any job that is more than 30 minutes away will pay an additional charge for traveling. This fee will be determined at time appointment is made.